Multiple WordPress Sites? We've Got You Covered
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Multiple WordPress Sites? We’ve Got You Covered

Are you running multiple WordPress (WP) websites? Maintaining a WordPress (WP) website is not very hard, and this is partly thanks to its user friendly interface and its ease of coding for developers. It will start to become a chore when you need to install and setup WP websites almost every week. Here’s a solution that we’ve found that solves this problem, it’s called WP-CLI.

WP-CLI uses a set of command line tools that will help speed up the development process and accomplish tasks more efficiently and quickly. Its mission is to be, quantitatively, the fastest interface for developers to manage WP. If you are already ‘live’ in the terminal, using WP-CLI will be easy. Here’s an example of its syntax.


wp core download *to download WordPress file.
wp db export *to backup database

Using WP-CLI, you’ll be able to update WordPress, modify its database, install plugins, and also manage themes. This is definitely a great tool to have for WP developers.

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