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Useful Javascript Style Guides

Style guides have no fixed definition as its meaning changes depending on what area it is applied to. However, one thing that all style guides have in common is its usage; to provide a general guideline for the team to refer to. This gives the team a base of mutual understanding on what needs to be done. It can also be used across departments between developers, designers and project managers.

We would like to focus on JavaScript Style Guides for today. It can also be referred to as JS Code Convention. A JavaScript style guide aims to provide the ground rules for an application’s JavaScript code, such that it’s highly readable and consistent across different developers on a team. The focus is put on quality and coherence across the different pieces of your application.

Take a look at these two links we found very useful for Javascript Style Guides

JS Quality Guide    JS Code Conventions

There is also a lightweight and powerful JavaScript IDE called Webstorm if you guys prefer to use one instead of text editors.

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