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Adobe Spark is Here!

Adobe has just launched its news suite called Adobe Spark! It was launched last night (local time) and we think it’s big and useful! On mobile, it is actually an upgrade of the three apps that Adobe has been operating.

New Naming Convention

  • Adobe Post is now Spark Post
  • Adobe Slate is now Spark Page
  • Adobe Voice is now Spark Video

Using Spark Page, you can create slick ‘magazine style’ landing pages, which are hosted by Adobe themselves.

While Spark Post should be a bit more familiar to the average user. You can capture images and overlay text over it so it can be used for flyers for a store or social media platforms.

Lastly, Spark Video is a lot like Post, but lets you overlay your voice as well. There are also some static icons you can choose from, which flow into a video with a bit of animation.

Take a look at the demo we created!

The company explains that the goal with the new Spark suite is to allow anyone, including small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students, the ability to create and share visual stories without needing to be professional designers.

Take me to Adobe Spark

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