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Improve Website Ranking With This 5 SEO Tips

If you are wondering how to improve your website ranking in search engines, try this 5 SEO Tips by Andreas Hecht from

Tip 1: Internal Links

A good internal linking is very important as it allows search engines to crawl the website better. A great example would be Wikipedia.

Tip 2: Improve Your Content

Make sure your website have the best, relevant and updated content. Test your content from different perspectives especially as a visitor looking for specific and straightforward information.

Tip 3: Enhance the Click Rate in the Search Results

Take advantage of search engine extra features to boost your visibility in the search results page such as using Google Rich Snippets to highlight your entry.

Tip 4: Enhance Interaction

Not only the click rates but also the bounce rate and the time spent on the site are relevant indicators. Both indicators can be improved by increasing user interaction with your website by having good navigation and content structure, picture gallery or videos.

Tip 5: Loading Performance – All You Need Is Speed

The faster the information is loaded, the higher the chance visitors will continue browsing sub pages of your website and search engine crawlers notice this too. Caching and compression are the most common solution. If you are running a high-traffic website, a top tiered hosting plan is also crucial.

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  1. That was excellent post and I believe you surely missed the most important tips for website ranking which is mobile compatibility and responsiveness. As you know Google’s latest update is going to be for mobile compatibility and loading speed so we have to consider it while working on SEO.

  2. bristol SEO

    The most important SEO tips is that your website URLs Must be 100% Readable.according to SEO point of view URL structure is extremely important.

  3. Good post for the beginners in SEO and Internet marketing. No doubt website loading speed and mobile friendliness are major factors for a better website. Rich snippets can help in enhancing the Click through rate but using too much rich snippets in a page is not a good SEO practice.

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