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Top 100 most hearted Codepen demos of 2014

Throughout 2014, Codepen has gained a lot of traction as the best platform to showcase fancy tricks and experimental ideas for front-end developers, all done in the spirit of educating and sharing. In Codepen, well-loved demos are represented by the number of “Hearts” they get by other registered Codepen users, and one can “Heart” for as many as 3 times per demo. Now to see all the front-end goodness, Codepen has released the Top 100 most hearted Codepen demos of 2014! Here are the top 10:

A Pen by Brandon Lawrence

Pure CSS Parallax ScrollingSass Parallax Example

Apple’s iMac Scrolling Effect

Pure CSS One Div Weather Animated Icons

3D CSS Typography

Firewatch Parallax in CSS

Pull Menu – Menu Interaction Concept

CSS Glitch Text

SVG Loading Icons

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