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2014 Top 5 Front-end Frameworks Comparison

A very good article by Ivaylo Gerchev showcasing top 5 front-end frameworks for 2014 which are Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, Pure and UIkit. The most popular as everyone knows are Bootstrap and Foundation. Below is the comparison table for both front-end framework. For a closer and more technical look at Bootstrap vs Foundation comparison, check out this article.

  Bootstrap Foundation
Creators Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton ZURB
Released 2011 2011
Current version 3.3.2 5.4.7
Popularity 77,000+ stars on GitHub 19,200+ stars on GitHub
Description “Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.” “The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world”
Core concepts/principles RWD and mobile first. RWD, mobile first, semantic.
Framework size 145 KB 326 KB
Preprocessors Less and Sass Sass
Responsive Yes Yes
Modular Yes Yes
Starting templates/layouts Yes Yes
Icon set Glyphicons Halflings set Foundation Icon Fonts
Extras/Add-ons None bundled, but many third-party plug-ins are available. Yes
Unique components Jumbotron Icon Bar, Clearing Lightbox, Flex Video, Keystrokes, Joyride, Pricing Tables
Documentation Good. Good. Many additional resources are available.
Customization Basic GUI Customizer. Unfortunately you need to input the color values manually, because there is no color picker available. No GUI customizer, only manual customization.
Browser support Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE8+ (you need Respond.js for IE8) Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9+; iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7+
License MIT MIT

At the end of the article Ivaylo also added an informative little guideline on the things to consider when choosing a framework to work with. Hit the button below to see the full comparison.

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