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Languages and Frameworks You Should Learn in 2015

In week 50 of 2014, team TutorialZine had asked their readers to participate in a survey of “languages and frameworks you should learn in 2015”. The result from 47 participants generally showed you should be learning more JavaScript because you can find JS almost everywhere in modern websites. The most voted language/platform for 2015 is Node.js, which is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. For framework, the most voted is Angular.js which is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. Click the button to read more.

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Sani Halid is a front-end developer at Stampede and is committed to clean and elegant code. Yet another gamer to join the pack, Sani is also the Editor at Constructs where he shares his daily CSS findings and other front-end development goods.

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