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Mega-Menu Navigation co-founder Sebastiano Guerriero shared a responsive and easy to customize mega-menu for large sites, enriched by subtle CSS animations and support for devices with JavaScript disabled. The unique thing about this mega-menu is the sub-items are revealed by slide-in approach instead of becoming an accordion in the mobile version. The slide-in style can also be found in the desktop version. This enables pretty much endless nesting of sub-items in the menu. Sebastiano created the mega-menu using a combination of HTML, SASS and jQuery. The HTML structure are broken into four main sections; <header>, <main>, <nav> and <div>. He kept the containers separate because they are much easier to handle in mobile devices. In bigger screens, the containers are all moved inside <header> using jQuery. View the full structure and style by hitting the button below.

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Sani Halid is a front-end developer at Stampede and is committed to clean and elegant code. Yet another gamer to join the pack, Sani is also the Editor at Constructs where he shares his daily CSS findings and other front-end development goods.

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