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How to Optimize Your Website PageRank

Website pagerank is very important to a website. Higher pagerank means your website is more visible to search engine and guarantees a steady stream of visitors. A typical user would often start their search in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The first few website links on the first results page is certain to get more attention and clicks than links at the bottom or on subsequent result pages. If content of the first result is not relevant to their search, only then will user click on the other links, although rarely going more than page deep. Most users simply won’t proceed to the next result pages after the first four. In my experience, the second page is often the last resort before I tweak my search keywords in hope of better results.

In this post, Paul Anthony from have recommended a few methods on how to optimize your website pagerank. It might be an old post, but it is very helpful for those who are new in web development industry.

Find out how

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