Comparison of Ionic v1 & v2 Side by Side
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Comparison of Ionic v1 & v2 Side by Side

There has been many comparisons about Ionic 1 and 2, but this comparison from Raymond Camden is by far the one that is quite clear and easy to understand. So for this post, we will read about how Raymond gave a comparative presentation to the Ionic NYC Meetup .

He needed to quickly build a pretty simple Ionic app to speak to a LoopBack server. Because he wanted something quick and dirty, he just whipped up an Ionic 1 application. He wrapped it up earlier than expected, so decided to see if he could switch it to the second version before the presentation. He thought it might be kind of cool to compare both versions.

The second version has been long announced due to the new angularjs 2. Everyday there will be questions or posts on comparing both versions, on which one should you use. Which one is better? Well after you have read this comparison, you can make your own mind on which is suitable for you.

Comparison of the Demo App

The app has a grand total of two screens. The first screen is a list of cats fetched by the LoopBack-powered API. While the second screen is a detail page for the cat.  Nothing complex! Making it easy to  read and compare even if you’re a newbie in developing with Ionic. Go ahead and check it out!

Take a look

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