Style Guide-Driven Modular UI
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Style Guide-Driven Modular UI

Recently, our team discussed heavily on style guides. When and How to implement style guides? Why is it important to have style guides? Is it only applicable for the design team only, and what about developers and managers? But let’s take a step back and look into what a style guide actually is?

A List Apart mentioned in its post :

Style guide is a living document of code, which details all the various elements and coded modules of your site or application.

That is said in a more code-based side of the style guide. However, it can be said that a style guide is a set of documents made as a  guide to produce consistent work.  Why do we need style guides?

Smashing Magazine wrote :

  • You’ll have an easy guide to refer to when handing over the project.
  • Makes you look professional. They’ll know you did everything for a reason
  • You maintain control of the design. When someone does something awful, you can refer them to the document.
  • You avoid cheapening the design, message and branding.
  • Forces you to define and hone your style, making for a more cohesive design.

While Modular design is about breaking down a design into small parts (modules), creating them independently, and then later combining them into a larger system. This is great for consumers because they get to customize the system to fit their needs.

Let’s take a look at the post to learn how Style Guide and Modular UI are both combined to create the ultimate tip for user experience!

Style Guide X Modular UI

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