Plyr - HTML5 Media Player
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Plyr – A Simple HTML5 Media Player With Custom Controls

Plyr is a simple accessible HTML5 media player. There are many other media players out there, so what makes Plyr special? Simple, lightweight and customizable. Here are the other features you can find on Plyr:

  • Accessible – full support for captions and screen readers.
  • Lightweight – just 4.8KB minified and gzipped.
  • Customizable – make the player look how you want with the markup you want.
  • Semantic – uses HTML5 form inputs for volume (range) and progress element for playback progress.
  • Responsive – any screen size.
  • No dependencies – written in vanilla JavaScript.
  • API – easy to use API.
  • Fallback – if there’s no support, the native players are used.
  • Fullscreen – options to run the player full browser or the user can toggle fullscreen.

Hit the button below to learn more and view the demos.

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