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Popular Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks
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Popular Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks

Hybrid Mobile Apps have taken the development scene by storm. Before this,  Developers had to learn native app languages to develop, which at times had an incredibly high learning curve. However with hybrid frameworks, it will make mobile app development faster and easier. Most of the frameworks use JS, besides HTML/CSS.

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Getting Started With Ionic

As a web developer, have you ever wanted to build a mobile app quickly using what you already know? Ionic was made for this very purpose. It is a framework that allows you to build hybrid mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps have benefits over pure native apps in that it has a faster speed of development and also access to 3rd party code.

Ionic is also a completely free and open-source framework which makes use of AngularJS for creating highly interactive apps. All you need to do is install the node and get started.

Let’s build some mobile apps!