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text select effect
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CSS: Text Select Effect

Usually when the user selects a text or the whole paragraph, a highlighted effect will appear with white background along with the font highlighted in blue, or any other colours for that matter. With this feature from Ahmad Anas codepen demo, highlighted text select effect will be replaced with transparent outline font by using CSS. Unfortunately this feature is only available for Chrome and Safari for now.

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loading ui
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Loading UI Inspired by Call of Duty: Ghosts

It does not always happen these days – but it would have been frustrating waiting for a website to load its content. If it is unavoidable for your website, try this: create some cool UI or animation to ‘entertain’ users while waiting for the loading to be done. 2NE has created a cool loading UI demo with a Call of Duty game concept. What are other impressive loading interfaces you have seen?

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