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11 Minimal JavaScript Frameworks You Need To Know
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11 Minimal JavaScript Frameworks You Need To Know

For web developers, JavaScript frameworks are useful tools for making development streamlined and quick to implement. These frameworks remove the need to code something that another developer has already accomplished. Frameworks also set a standardized format of code that serves as a base. Multiple developers working on the same project can refer to this base to make sure their code is compatible with one another.

On the other hand, Minimal JavaScript Frameworks are a lightweight variant that offers a smaller file size, scripts with less processing required and a greater compatibility with mobile devices. This article covers a bite-size review of 11 minimal JavaScript frameworks that every web developer should know.

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Foundation 6.2 vs Bootstrap 4 (A Framework Comparison)

Foundation and Bootstrap are the most popular CSS frameworks nowadays. Both have recently released new versions; Foundation with 6.2 and Bootstrap with 4 (Alpha). The frameworks have a new Grid system using flexbox that can be enabled or disabled at your choice.

A good question between these two frameworks is ‘which one should we use’? It really boils down to what type of project you are working on and how much you enjoy working with each respective framework.

What’s the difference?

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Foundation for Emails 2

Ink (also called Foundation for Emails) is a HTML email development framework that is built around the best email practices. In the era of smartphones, people are frequently checking their emails on their mobile devices and that means the need for a responsive approach to emails.

Enter Foundation for Emails 2, Ink’s successor. This upgraded framework is mobile-ready and allows developers to quickly create responsive emails that work (even on problematic email software like Outlook).  Developed in 2015, this new version focuses on quicker layouts, colors and styles. Foundation for Emails 2 borrows many components, best practices, and workflows from Foundation for Sites. Foundation developers new to HTML emails will feel right at home with this..

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Getting Started With Ionic

As a web developer, have you ever wanted to build a mobile app quickly using what you already know? Ionic was made for this very purpose. It is a framework that allows you to build hybrid mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps have benefits over pure native apps in that it has a faster speed of development and also access to 3rd party code.

Ionic is also a completely free and open-source framework which makes use of AngularJS for creating highly interactive apps. All you need to do is install the node and get started.

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