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Foundation 6.2 vs Bootstrap 4 (A Framework Comparison)

Foundation and Bootstrap are the most popular CSS frameworks nowadays. Both have recently released new versions; Foundation with 6.2 and Bootstrap with 4 (Alpha). The frameworks have a new Grid system using flexbox that can be enabled or disabled at your choice.

A good question between these two frameworks is ‘which one should we use’? It really boils down to what type of project you are working on and how much you enjoy working with each respective framework.

What’s the difference?

Bootstrap vs Foundation
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Bootstrap VS Foundation

At, Chris Sevilleja loves to talk about Foundation 5 framework by ZURB. Foundation 5 is a great front-end framework that is a solid alternative to Bootstrap. It does have a few features that Bootstrap doesn’t, hence it deserves a look at the features before being dismissed. In this post, Chris outlined a cheatsheet about the difference of Bootstrap vs Foundation in terms of CSS elements, class names and also grid names. Enjoy!

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