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Type Anything

Many web designers and Developers have been using lorem ipsum to instil the visual element in viewing content of the website. But is it still relevant?

Sure, it’s fine if you insert dummy text into your mock design, but it veils between you and reality. You will not see the variations once real text or information starts replacing it. The length and height of text placeholders may overflow. At this point, does it still look good?

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Gutenberg – Web Typography Starter Kit

Gutenberg is a flexible and simple–to–use web typography starter kit for web designers and developers. It’s a small step towards a better typography on the web. Beautiful typographic styles can be made by setting base type size, line-height (leading) and measure (max-width).

Josef Mueller–Brockmann said :

The reader should be able to read the message of a text easily and comfortably. This depends to a not inconsiderable extent on the size of the type, the length of the lines and the leading.

Gutenberg comes with two beautiful predefined themes based on two typefaces provided by Google Fonts: Merriweather and Open Sans. But totally customisable. Interested  yet?

Check Out the Kit! Here’s the Github page!

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