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css creature
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CSS Creatures

You can now create your own CSS creatures by tweeting them to @csscreatures. These adorable CSS cuteness are generated 100% from HTML5 and CSS3 and created by Bennett Feely. You can customize your own monster by tweaking body colors, personalities and more. I’ve created my very own monster in turquoise with huge buckteeth and a happy (with just a tad bit crazy) LOL – mine is the one on the most left! Create one and share yours!

Make Monsters!

google polymer checkbox
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Create Google Polymer-style checkbox using CSS3

Google Polymer, the new framework by Google, is a library for creating Web Components, a set of W3C standards and upcoming browser APIs for defining your own custom HTML elements. Polymer is used as the framework for the new Google Material Design, with UI interactions that will definitely appeal to interface designers. If CSS3 is more your flavour, Chris Sevilleja from can show you how to create Polymer-style checkbox using CSS3.

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Creating Accordion Using CSS3

Accordion menu is a list of item stacked with functions to be “expanded” or “stretched” to reveal the content of the item. Usually accordion menus will be done using javascript code. But in this case, Paul Underwood has shared how to create horizontal and vertical accordion menus by using CSS3.

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