Protect Your WordPress Website from User Errors
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Protect Your WordPress Website from User Errors

While WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly CMS, it can also be plagued with errors from user meddling.The platform is used by developers, content writers and other types of users of various knowledge levels regarding the platform. The admin page can change almost anything in WordPress which is great for a developer but frightening of a normal user. This is because normal users are not be able to determine what certain settings can be changed.


These changes in settings affect the theme that is being used. There are settings that are not meant to be changed as a result of the theme developer’s specifications. Unknowingly, there are users who forcefully change the settings of the theme causing it to break and cause errors.


Theme developers can prevent this from happening by hiding settings that the common user should not be meddling with. In this article, the author will explains some tricks to avoid errors on themes caused by the users.

Let’s protect our WordPress

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