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The Rise of the Full Stack JavaScript Developer

When it comes to Web Development, developers are commonly sorted into two groups; the Front-end developer, and the Back-end developer. These developers will work together to create beautiful websites which are also functional.

But what do you call those who can fit into both roles and do so equally well? In the industry, we call these developers ‘unicorns’ as they are mythically rare. While that sounds fun to call someone, the proper title to refer to these skilled individuals are ‘Full Stack Developers‘.

But in reality, the common understanding about developers calling themselves Full Stack lead to a bit of skepticism from others. It’s like the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Since technology is always evolving, it is not practical for developers to keep up with both ‘ends’. If you’re planning in becoming one, we encourage you to focus on JavaScript. The article below addresses this issue.

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