Flickity - a Plugin to Flick The Slider
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Flickity – A Responsive Flick-able Slider

Flickity JS is a responsive, touch-enabled carousel plugin with a huge options list and a flexible API. Beside working like a normal carousel with pagination and left/right navigator, it allows user to flick the slider to navigate between the slides. It can be run as a jQuery plugin or on its own. Below is the basic HTML structure for a Flickity gallery:

<div class="gallery js-flickity">
	<div class="gallery-cell"></div>
	<div class="gallery-cell"></div>

You can also read David DeSandro, Flickity developer post on CSS-Tricks to learn more about Flickity. Note that Flickity has three kinds of licenses which are open-source, commercial, and OEM. Hit the button below to learn more and view some of the demos.

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