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11 Awesome Icon Font Tools

Icon fonts are truly one of the best advancements in web technology of the modern days. Back in the days, front-end developers have to endure the tedious process of creating and cropping images to put simple icons on websites. With the advent icon fonts, not just countless hours of trivial work can be saved but using them gave a bunch of other advantages as well such as:

  • they are infinitely scalable
  • they can be styled with CSS (change size, color, add stroke, borders, shadows, hover effects, etc)
  • no HTTP request for an icon image

In this round-up blog post at Scotch.io, Chris Sevilleja has shared 11 popular icon font tools you can find out there today. If I may add one more to the list, you should also check out Fontello because it allows front-end developers to customize your icon bundle by choosing icons as needed instead of downloading the whole font pack. The result is a lighter file that can help reduce website loading time. In addition, you can also create custom icon fonts by uploading your own SVG icons or SVG font into the website, which is super useful. Click the button to learn more.

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