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AtoZ: Z-index

One of the common challenges front-end developers face when working with web designs is having to stack or layer HTML elements on top of each other. With the z-index CSS properties, we can change the order elements get stacked. In AtoZ’s final episode for season one, Guy Routledge shares about:

  • The default stacking order of the document.
  • What a stacking context is and how they interact with each other.
  • How z-index controls layer order within the stacking contexts.
  • And a method he uses for standardizing z-index across a project.

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Sani Halid is a front-end developer at Stampede and is committed to clean and elegant code. Yet another gamer to join the pack, Sani is also the Editor at Constructs where he shares his daily CSS findings and other front-end development goods.

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